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Duty and Dissent: the Great War and British voices of resistance

Anthony Davis Book Collecting Prize 2014-15

Exhibition: 12 January – 5 June 2015 – Official documents, recruiting posters, and other powerful printed material from the Great War (celebrating and glorifying the British national war effort) set in stark contrast against pacifist beliefs and individual experiences. More information…
Marginal presences: unorthodox belief and practice, 1837-2014

History Day 2015

Call for paper proposals – On 23rd April 2015 the Library will be holding a one-day symposium on marginal thinkers. Find out more about speaking or joining the audience. The closing date for accepted papers is 09/03/15.
LIBER 2015 Conference


The 44th LIBER Annual Conference (24/06/15 to 26/06/15) – LIBER 2015 will be co-hosted by Senate House Library, Imperial College Library, LSE Library and UCL Library Services. Find out more…